Where can I purchase Activated Lycopene?

At selected Pharmacies and Health stores country wide. Or order online here…

I can’t find Activated Lycopene in my area please help?

Ask your local pharmacy/Health Store to order for you from their Wholesaler or contact us. Alternatively email info@lycopene.co.za with the subject “No Activated Lycopene” include your area and your preferred shop and we will contact you with a local stockist or ask your favourite store to stock Activated Lycopene on your behalf.

My Pharmacist tried to sell me a different product to yours why?

Some Pharmacists are lazy and try to sell what they have in stock, others are ill informed and don’t know/ understand the difference between our product Activated Lycopene and other Lycopene supplements.

Will my Medical Aid pay for Activated Lycopene?

Activated Lycopene has a NAPPI code (705182/001) which means that most South African medical aids dependant on your policy should pay for Activated Lycopene.

What are the potential side effects of Lycopene?

A normal diet including healthy amounts of fruits and vegetables containing Lycopene generally will not produce side effects in most people. Taking Lycopene supplements in higher dosages is more likely to cause the possible side effects, but incidence of side effects with supplementation is low. Healthcare professionals warn that as with any vitamin, medication or supplement, patients should discuss possible interactions and contraindications with their doctor or healthcare provider.

Excessive consumption of this Lycopene can cause a noticeable orange skin discoloration. This condition is called lycopenodermia. Lycopenodermia is a harmless condition with no known symptoms other than the deep orange skin colouring. The condition has been shown to be reversible by lowering Lycopene intake for a few days to a few weeks.

On registration of Activated Lycopene, in house studies carried out by our responsible pharmacist showed no signs of Lycopenodermia. Tests included taking the contents of one tub (60 capsules). The only side effect noticed was a huge boost of energy and alertness.